CSC Introduction

In continuation to Shimadzu's commitment of supporting its customers in India -APPLICATION SUPPORT (CSC) center was commenced in year 2006 in Mumbai. In line with the inherent value - we are dedicated for the "best of our customers".

Our every activity and action revolves around this fundamental principle.

CSC lab is an absolute reflection of Shimadzu's capability of providing All-round solution for any Analytical lab requirements. In these years we have evolved and involved ourselves with the customers in every facet- support, education, evaluation etc.

With our team of application experts in Gas chromatography, Liquid chromatography, Molecular and Atomic spectroscopy etc, we ensure that customers in all fields have ready access to a variety of high-end technology product and applications suiting their needs.

Workshops and Training:
We extend support to all our customers in form of hardware/application/software/ trouble-shooting and maintenance training(s) both at CSC lab as well as On-site. This ensures smooth operations, maximizes up-time, faster analytical development and most importantly introducing better understanding of system and technology.

Providing continuous assistance for trouble-shooting and holistic solutions for method development.

"Seeing is believing"- philosophy we thoroughly believe in. Thereby assisting scientists in making decisions based on technology, which is appropriate for their applications.